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The Eternal Ropes 永恆的繩子

Direct from Jeremy Pei*s professional performing repertoire, this special set of ropes will allow you to perform unbelievably visual rope routines, suitable for any venue you may find yourself performing in, including strolling, parlour and even stage work! The Eternal Ropes is a complete act in itself!

The Competition Rope Act

An original rope routine where ropes magically grow, fuse and visually transform right at the fingertips. This is Jeremy*s choice routine, and he has personally featured it on numerous television appearances all around the world.

Professor*s Supreme Remix V.1

In this variation of the classic professor*s supreme rope effect, 3 different lengths of rope magically morph into the same length. As a starling climax, all 3 lengths then fuse, only to form one long, single piece of rope.

Professors Supreme Remix V.2

Similar in effect to V.1, this is Jeremy*s original handling for the classic of Professor*s Supreme plot.

Routine #4 - Impossible Walking Knot

This is Jeremy*s brilliant variation of Pavel*s Award Winning ※Super Walking Knot§. In classic Walking Knot fashion, a knot magically slides up and down the length of rope, and yet it can be untied to show two separate pieces! Here*s what makes this version kill: the spectator can slide the knot themselves! Yes, they can actually feel the knot sliding and stopping!

English DVD instruction is included.

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